Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before visiting the office of Dr. Smoot I suffered from a car accident in 2013. From that accident on, I was suffering from chronic back pain in my upper, middle and lower back. Along with a very bad knee pain that would bother me daily. I was suffering with this pain for over two years already. I was seeing another chiropractor, but I wasn’t seen any help as I was feeling the same with pain every day. I would control my pain with Advil and Ibuprofen and sometimes homemade remedies, but that would only work for a few hours and the rest of the day or night the pain would continue. I wasn’t sleeping very and always feeling so tired.

I met Dr. Smoot at a Family Health Fair in Salinas. The first day I walked into his office, the receptionist was so friendly and the way they greeted me made me feel welcomed. By just seeing them smile every day when you step into the office you know they love their job. As for Dr. Smoot he is really professional and friendly. His mission is to make you feel better, improve your health and educate you to prevent any further illness.

The first step to my consultation was explained by an overview of the visit with a video. Along with that was an evaluation to see where my pain was and how strong I had it. After that Dr. Smoot educated me on the importance of the back and how to care for it. He explained how it’s connected to the rest of your body and showed me parts of the bones and nerves of the back, He took x-rays and explained my issues and let me know I was in stage 2. Next we went over a care plan and the necessary steps to help me improve so I can get back to feeling better and be able to enjoy life without backaches.

Since I was struggling with these issues for years, I went ahead and took the risk and now it has been the best decision I could’ve made. Before the car accident I use to enjoy daily hobbies such as running and playing softball. Having back and knee pain was interfering with me my walking, running, and any stretch would cause me bad pain in my knees and I wasn’t able to stand up for a long time neither.

Now that I have been feeling better I have been running little by little and I’ve been able to feel no pain in my knees and my back feels great. As for my improvement I feel satisfied because I’m feeling great with hardly any pain in my upper, middle or lower back and no pain in my knee so far. I have been improving my back issues really rapidly in a way that I am able to enjoy my days with no pain. I recommend Dr. Smoot has improved my health conditions. I can pretty much say he’s amazing and he truly cares about your health. There’s no other chiropractor that will make you feel great!"

- Maria

"Preventive medicine has been a standard in healthy maintenance for most of my life, especially in being a wife, mother and now a grandmother. Back pain had suddenly taken a curious turn in my lifestyle and I needed to seek treatment to correct it instead of relying on over the counter pills which only gave temporary relief. Laying on my side in my 3 year old bed became too painful and my sleep was disturbed. I thought the bed needed to be replaced.

After having an initial thorough medical exam by my primary care doctor, I was told I was in the throws of post menopausal bone density loss to a small degree. Along with bone density loss, I had been an athlete in my teen years, mostly active as a gymnast. I, without a doubt, suffered a huge amount of bumps, bruises, and crashes, but never bone fractures or breakage.

Armed with that history, I sought Dr Brian Smoot’s chiropractic expertise recently. Immediate diagnosis was made with my immediate okay to resolve my condition then took place. It was after the 2nd back adjustment I realized that I no longer wanted to get rid of my 3 year old bed. Sleeping peacefully has been restored, although, I still have months of therapy to undo the decades of injury I have caused.

Dr. Smoot is knowledgeable in his craft, compassionate, and talks you through the process in a comforting level. Recommending him to anyone who speaks of their back aches will get his phone number immediately."

- Marisa

"Hi my name is Sandra,

The 22nd of August my daughter and I were in a car accident. One week later I was referred to Smoot Family Chiropractic. When I arrived to Dr. Smoot’s Office it was impossible for me to walk on my own, Due to the impact of the accident, I had injured my right leg and had so much pain from my upper back and down to my lower back, and also my left wrist had pain.

It’s been approximately 13 visits to Dr. Smoot’s office for adjustments and lots of ice. I’ve been feeling better now I could walk on my own. My daughter is also getting adjustments once a week, she is doing great. I would definitely recommend Smoot Family Chiropractic to my family and friends. Thank you so much Dr. Smoot!"

- Sandra

"Dr. Smoot is a down to earth super friendly doctor who is very knowledgeable. I had a problem with a pinched nerve around my neck and shoulder area that was giving me some headaches and made my head feel like it was on fire! My primary doctor didn’t have time for me and told me to visit the emergency room.

That’s when I randomly called Dr. Smoot for his hours, and walked in without an appointment. We did the initial visit where he explained the healing process and took some X-Rays. The following visit was my first adjustment and I felt a difference right away. 2 weeks after starting I felt not just back to normal, but better then before.

Now, 4 weeks later, I feel GREAT! I literally went in for my headaches and came out with no headaches AND no back pain!

I am sure glad my primary doctor didn’t have the time for me because that allowed me to visit Dr. Smoot and enabled my body to heal the natural way."

- Eddy

"About a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange pressure in my forehead. I tried to ignore it but as the hours passed by, I felt worse and worse. The next morning I woke up feeling extremely dizzy……so dizzy that it was hard to walk. I went to the doctor and without physically checking me, he told me I had vertigo and that it would go away on its own.

Two weeks later I ended up in another doctor’s office. He told me that I had ear disbalance and since he couldn’t do much for me, he sent me with an ear specialist. After a month of waiting for an appointment, I finally saw the ear specialist only for him to tell me that ears were fine and that I needed to see a neurologist. I saw four neurologists in the four months to follow. I had a CAT scan, MRI, and MRA done, but they still couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

Once I was assured that my brain was fine. I went to see a head, neck, and shoulder specialist. He checked my ears, told me I was fine, he told me I needed to see a psychologist because my problem was mental. He said I was too young to have anything serious. I ignored him and decided to get checked by another doctor in the same office. He noticed that my neck and left shoulder were very swollen and suggested that I get physical therapy.

Thankfully, I ended up in Dr. Smoot’s office. He not only treated me with the utmost respect, but also explained that my swollen nerves and neck were causing my dizziness. After just a few weeks I already feel a great improvement. I will always be in debt with you Dr. Smoot, THANK YOU!!"

- Jason

"When I first went to the Chiropractor, I was experiencing a lot pain. I could not sit down properly, and I could barely walk. Everything was very hard to do, since I hurt a lot. When It got to the point that I could hardly even sleep at night, I decided to go get massaged, but instead of getting better, I got worse. The day that I saw Dr. Smoot’s advertisement, I did not think twice about calling in.

I was scheduled in that same day. They treated me in a very friendly matter, and they proceeded to find out the reason I was suffering by taking x-rays. On my next appointment, I knew exactly what was going wrong in my body. Dr. Smoot talked to me about treatment, and I did not doubt him for one second. It has been about two months since I hurt myself, and now I am back to work and back to my normal life. I am still realizing how much Dr. Smoot’s treatment has helped in my well-being. I hope that all the people that now feel like I felt before find someone that makes them realize that they can live a healthy, normal life without feeling pain- just like I am doing now!"

- Hermelinda

"We are so pleased to share a testimonial for Dr. Brian Smoot of Smoot Family Chiropractic. He has used his expertise to tend to the needs of our whole family over the last year, making extra time to hone in on our individual needs. I first sought out his care for myself, after my son was born, to help with postpartum issues including low back pain and headaches, and found relief very quickly.

My husband, a general contractor, had an acute pain issue with a dislocated rib as well, which Dr. Smoot addressed frequently and diligently until all was healed and comfortable, over the course of several sessions.

Most importantly, we are so thankful for Dr. Smoot’s interaction with our children. He has a great rapport with them, and eased them into chiropractic care very gently. Our daughter is 4, and was a little unsure at first, but now loves being adjusted, knowing she is keeping her spine healthy. Our son was a small infant when he was first adjusted, suffering from symptoms of colic–crying for hours on end each day, with a lot of digestive sensitivities, and after trying all we could for two months, with no relief for any of us, Dr. Smoot suggested chiropractic.

He was so gentle and non-invasive with our son, and after only a few treatments, over the course of a month or so, we are glad to say his symptoms dissipated, he began sleeping better and was just a much happier baby. We know his chiropractic care was hugely responsible for his improvement. We are so thankful for Smoot Family Chiropractic, and would recommend Dr. Smoot’s easy-going style and friendly atmosphere to any parents wondering if chiropractic could help their children live better."

- Amanda

"My brother first discovered Dr. Smoot after having been in a motorcycle accident. Dr. Smoot’s office is very close to my home so my brother would stop by after each visit. Each time he would rave about how well he was feeling, even better than before the accident. My brother is not one to give undue merit so it sparked my interest.

During my first visit, I shared my aches and pains. I had recently given birth to our second child so I attributed them to childbirth. I also shared about my life long relationship with shoulder pain, I couldn’t even remember when it started or why and have gotten used to living with it.

My x-ray results shocked me. Before Dr. Smoot even said a word I knew I was in trouble–my back looked like a major highway in Southern California and indeed, I was the worst case Dr. Smoot had seen… almost a case of scoliosis!

Four months later, I feel better, sit up taller, have less pain and have a much better x-ray. Dr. Smoot would say it is much more aligned, to me it reminds me of Interstate 5 (versus my previous Highway 1). I am almost normal!

I should also mention my son who was 4 month old at the time. When we first began to visit Dr. Smoot, my son always preferred to sleep with his head turning right. Even his pediatrician noticed it during a routine check-up. Dr. Smoot adjusted him and that same night he slept facing left!

Thank you, Dr. Smoot and Astrid, for always making me and my two children feel welcome even when they are not in their best behavior."

- Ana

"Although I am relatively early in my treatment, I want to let you all know how much I appreciate what Dr. Smoot has accomplished in a short period of time. Due to his skill and approach to healing the “whole person”, I am looking forward to a future with little pain and lots of flexibility!

Early on, I used to have apprehensions due to a very “unpleasant” experience a few years ago with a local Osteopath. All of that has disappeared.

I will definitely refer my family, friends, and acquaintances to Dr. Smoot for short term pain and relief and long term health!

Thank you again"

- Alda

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