Sports Injury in Salinas CA

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At Smoot Family Chiropractic, we treat Salinas CA sports injuries of all types, and some of these include pulled muscles, back injuries and pains in the neck. Our practice is also able to reduce or to eliminate pain that has been caused by a subluxation.

Back Pain in Salinas CA

According to an extensive analysis, more than 20 percent of all sports injuries occur in the back or in the neck. Back injuries can cause numbness, and the condition may generate pain in the legs.

We are able to determine whether or not fluid is seeping from one of the discs. We can also give you strategies for avoiding activities that can cause the pain to become chronic, such as gardening, sitting for a long period of time and sleeping with a curved back.

Treating a Subluxation

At Smoot Family Chiropractic, we treat sports injuries of all types, and some of these include pulled muscles, back injuries and pains in the neck. If a subluxation is untreated, the dislocation may damage the bones, blood vessels, the discs and cartilage. The unstable vertebrae can also cause the muscles to become especially tight, and the condition commonly produces inflammation.

A subluxation may not be treated by medications, and alcohol and certain pharmaceuticals can exacerbate the symptoms of the condition. Our chiropractor will adjust the vertebrae in order to eliminate the pressure on the nerves, and sometimes, if the problem has been present for years, the goal is no longer correction, but stabilization from getting worse.


These injuries are typically caused by trauma, sprains and strains when the soft tissue damages the muscles and ligaments. Our practice is able to determine whether a fracture or a sprain has occurred. Furthermore, we will provide a list of stretches and exercises that may allow a sprained muscle to heal more rapidly than it would otherwise.

Headaches That Are Related to Sports Injuries

A recent study showed that 35 percent of concussed athletes do not know that they have sustained a concussion. This injury can cause dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, blurred vision and severe headaches. Our chiropractor will analyze an athlete’s pupils and test the memory of the patient, and we may also evaluate the individual’s reflexes, which can be negatively affected by a concussion. Once a concussion is ruled out, the neck will be examined to look for subluxation.

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