Injured in an Auto Accident in Salinas CA?

auto injuries are commonly helped by seeing a chiropractor

Do you have whiplash in Salinas CA? An inattentive moment can make a driver unable to prevent a rear end car crash, but whiplash injuries that result can last for years without proper treatment. Riding on roller coasters, having a bike accident or playing football can result in a whiplash injury as well. Using drugs to treat overly stretched muscles in the neck can obscure the cause and delay recovery time. Our chiropractic approach spares patients the unpleasant side effects of drugs, and it helps muscles and tissue recover from injury.

Seeking Treatment For Whiplash in Salinas CA

Drivers and passengers in all cars that are involved in crashes can receive whiplash injuries, and seeking immediate treatment is the best course of action to relieve pain and lasting disability. A violent jolt that moves the head in one direction and then sharply in another creates a whip-like action that gives a name to the common injury. Residents of Salinas, CA have access to a whiplash injury specialist for accurate diagnosis and treatment. The potential for misalignment of the spine is a cause for concern, and diagnosis by a specialist can identify the extent of an injury.

Recognizing Whiplash Symptoms

A common symptom of whiplash injury is neck stiffness, and a headache that originates at the base of the skull is a frequent complaint as well. Victims may experience a headache on one side of the head or on both. Muscles and ligaments that stretch beyond their normal range of motion make movement painful, indicating the need to seek a whiplash injury specialist as soon as possible. Victims may feel pain and stiffness in the upper back as well as the chest, and the arms and shoulders are likely to suffer discomfort as well. Dizziness and ringing in the ears are strong indications that an injury needs diagnosis and treatment immediately.

When an injury receives a proper diagnosis, a treatment regimen can provide relief. Recommendations may include exercises or stretches. Strengthening the muscles can aid in recovery and help prevent injury in the future. Seeking treatment is especially important so that accident victims can obtain an accurate diagnosis of the extent of the injury. The application of heat, ice, or both as recommended may help reduce pain as well as spasms that can accompany the aftermath of a jolt to the neck. Salinas, CA residents who need spinal manipulation or adjustment can find expert treatment at Smoot Family Chiropractic.

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