Chiropractic helped our children

We are so pleased to share a testimonial for Dr. Brian Smoot of Smoot Family Chiropractic. He has used his expertise to tend to the needs of our whole family over the last year, making extra time to hone in on our individual needs. I first sought out his care for myself, after my son was born, to help with postpartum issues including low back pain and headaches, and found relief very quickly.

“Most importantly, we are so thankful for Dr. Smoot’s interaction with our children. “

My husband, a general contractor, had an acute pain issue with a dislocated rib as well, which Dr. Smoot addressed frequently and diligently until all was healed and comfortable, over the course of several sessions.

Most importantly, we are so thankful for Dr. Smoot’s interaction with our children. He has a great rapport with them, and eased them into chiropractic care very gently. Our daughter is 4, and was a little unsure at first, but now loves being adjusted, knowing she is keeping her spine healthy. Our son was a small infant when he was first adjusted, suffering from symptoms of colic–crying for hours on end each day, with a lot of digestive sensitivities, and after trying all we could for two months, with no relief for any of us, Dr. Smoot suggested chiropractic.

He was so gentle and non-invasive with our son, and after only a few treatments, over the course of a month or so, we are glad to say his symptoms dissipated, he began sleeping better and was just a much happier baby. We know his chiropractic care was hugely responsible for his improvement. We are so thankful for Smoot Family Chiropractic, and would recommend Dr. Smoot’s easy-going style and friendly atmosphere to any parents wondering if chiropractic could help their children live better.


The Bakker Family
Shawn, Amanda, Olivia and Wyatt

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